Thursday, 9 October 2008

Well here I am.

Well here I am. What on earth am I doing here.!!! I was happy where I was. Damn AOHell!!!
It's quite hard to figure things out here.
I don't know what I'm doing.
It's taken me 45 mins to alter my layout. And now I don't know if I like it.!!!!
Haven't got time now to add any pictures.
I'm just glad I'm able to keep track of everyone who has migrated here. I've also found new friends. How cool is that!!!
At least I managed to transfer my old journal. It didn't take long because I didn't have that much. It didn't go quite to plan because now I have 2 journals with the same name. But at least it's here with me.!!! Oh no!! What's it doing now.!! It won't let me start a new line.
Oh!!! It's done it now. OK I'm rambling. Need to get a move on. Maybe later today or tomorrow I want to introduce you to a new member of our family. :)
See you soon. Hugs Carolxx