Saturday, 16 May 2009

Just can't shake it.

Has it really been that long since I made an entry.!!
Over six months.
Where has the time gone.
I guess moving from Aol journals took it's toll on everyone.
I followed many people over to FaceBook, and I have to say it's been fun.
Lots of fun.
I have made a lot of new friends, and some special friends.
But now maybe it's time to slow down, chill out a bit.
Come home.
It's not so hectic here, a slower pace.
I can say what I want here.
I don't have to be constantly looking over my shoulder.

Maybe that's what I need right now.
I know I am desperately tired.
Maybe that's the problem.
I just can't shake this feeling I have.
This restless, fidgety feeling.
It's not like me.
If I'm honest I've backed myself into a corner and now it's flight or fight time.
At the moment I think flight is gonna win.
One thing I know for sure is.
It feels good to be home.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Back to normality......whatever that is!!

Well I've been back for 4 days.

Had a really nice break.

Haven't done much this week except for catching up with the washing and housework.

Yesterday (Wednesday) me and Laura went to town to do a bit of shopping.

We needed a new spark guard for the fire, because the wood we bought is still wet and spits like I don't know what.

Anyway we got one and did a bit of Christmas shopping at the same time.

Can't really say what I bought because my family read this and I don't want them to know who I have bought for!!!

I can say that I bought Christmas cards, and we have already bought wrapping paper and tags.

On Monday I had to go to the doctors about my knee.

At the beginning of July I stepped down off a step, not realising it was a deep step and did something to my knee.

It swelled like a football and the pain was unbelievable.

At the time I was at the caravan on my own, with no car.

I had to ring for Keith to come fetch me, which he did, along with Laura and Adam.

It took him a long time, because our car broke down.

So he had to call Simon who came to the house and then Keith had to drive him home, and then come pick me up.

Anyway I ended up in A&E. My knee was x-rayed, but nothing showed up.

The doctor there said it could be cartilage problem or maybe arthritis, or even maybe a displaced knee cap. It hurts like Hell, so it could be all 3. lol

I was told to rest it. Yeah, right. Like I could do that.!! Put ice on it.

And come back to the hospital in a week.

Which I did, and it was a bit better, at least I could put my weight on it.

They sent me to physiotherapy, and they gave me some exercises to do. They help. But some days I can barely walk. Some days it's not too bad. Go figure.!!!

Anyway on Monday I went back to my own doctor to see what he thought.

He thinks it may take longer for it to settle back down. He didn't think it was a good idea for them to go poking around inside my knee at the moment. He gave me some pain killers and told me to come back after New year if it was still no better.

So some days I have to use my walking stick and some days I do not.

Yesterday I walked all round town with my stick without too much trouble. Today it hurts. Maybe too much walking, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.!!!

Last night was Bonfire Night. (Clapping and doing a little jig).

I am such a kid.

While we were in town we bought a couple packets of fireworks and Sparklers. I love sparklers.

We stood out in the back garden for over 2 hours, in the freezing cold, watching our little fireworks.

But I think we all enjoyed it, especially the fish and chips. Yummy!!!

I know many people won't be celebrating until the weekend. So I hope you all have a good time if you're going to a party.

But please take care. We don't want any accidents.

We won't be here. Heading to Wales again tomorrow, for the weekend. It's party time for us. The end of season party at the caravan park. Yeah!!! Not!!!

Hope you all had a great Halloween. Ours wasn't too bad.

I've got photos from our holiday, but it takes so long to put them on here, I'll maybe do that later today.

The other day Adam managed to shut the car keys in the car, do you remember??? And the spare key was in the buggy which was also in the car. Remember???

Well, when we got back on Sunday from Wales, Keith couldn't find his coat. I thought maybe he had left it there as we left quite a bit there knowing we were going back this weekend.

But "No" Keith said, it had his keys in the pocket and he needed them for work.

Eventually Laura found it and there on Keith's set of keys was another spare key for the car.!!!! He had forgotten he had had 2 spare keys cut. Can you believe that!!!

What did he say when we pointed this out to him!!!

"Oh, I wondered what that key was". Give me strength.!!!
We love him really!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Guess What!!!!!!

It snowed.! Here.! Yes.! Here.! It never snows here.! Even when it snows all over the world, it never snows here.! But today it snowed here.! Yes.! Here.! Oh, it was a happy day for me today. Have I ever told you I love snow.!! Well, I love snow. Ever since I was a child I have loved snow, and it has never lost it's attraction for me, even though I am now grown. Well, just a bit grown, I guess.

Yes.! That is my washing blowing on the line in the snow. I didn't bother to fetch it in. No point. It was dark when I finally fetched it in, and I have just finished re-washing it.

We drove over to Simon's again today, and it was a beautiful drive. Everywhere is so pretty at the moment with all the leaves on the footpaths, and the trees with their beautifully coloured leaves, bright golden oranges and golds and browns and still some green. Some trees with just a few leaves still hanging on, some quite bare. I wish I had some photos, I am hopeless at describing.!!! But it was so lovely.

Last week while it has been quite nice weather, sunny and dry, the farmers have been very busy fetching in the hay and straw, potatoes, wheat and corn. They were working well into the night. In the field behind our house, there were potatoes this year. But now its been ploughed and maybe even planted now.

With the weather turning colder, we thought we had better get some logs for the fire. We had completely run out. It took us a while to find anyone who had any, because the weather had been so wet, no one had any ready to sell. Next time we will remember to get some earlier in the year.We had to have the chimney swept. The man who does it for us is local, and doesn't make too much mess. This year we only had a carrier bag full of soot.I wish we had one of those large fireplaces, where they are big enough to sit in. How cool would that be. But I guess I'm quite happy with our small one, especially after what happened to Adam a while ago.!! :(

Oh well, I've rambled on long enough. It's half eleven and I have to be up at 5am.

Grace is due at the baby clinic again tomorrow to be weighed. She still has thrush on her tongue, although it does look much better, but it is taking a very long time to clear up, and she has had an awful lot of medicine for it which can't be good for her. She's 6 weeks old tomorrow.!! How time flies.

We are also going away tomorrow for a few day, well till Sunday anyway. We are going to Wales, not too far for us. Simon is coming over to feed the cats for me. :)

So I will wish you a Happy Halloween. Hope you have lots of sweeties ready for trick or treating. We bought Adam a suit to wear, a devil, (will suit him down to the ground. OK, OK , I was only joking.!!! Maybe!!! ) just in case they have a party at the caravan park. Laura bought a suit for Grace. She is going as a pumpkin!!!

Sadly I will be away when the journals finally close down. Sad times.!!

I am going to take my laptop with me, so hopefully I may be able to get it to work while I am away.

So I wish you a goodnight. I am done. Bed is calling me.

Oh, one other thing. Did I mentioned it snowed today.! Yes! Here!


Sunday, 26 October 2008

That is one hellava lump of concrete!!!!

Last Saturday we went to Simon's house to help clear their jungle of a garden.
Simon had ordered a skip and arranged for everyone to go over to help.
So this Saturday we went back to help do some more.
I wasn't going to go this week, because I just can't do anything at the moment with my knee, the way it is.
But Simon said "come over, you can make the tea, and do the running about, and maybe take Luke to have his haircut." So I went.
It was bitterly cold, windy, and we had the occasional bit of drizzle.

As you can see from the photos everyone worked hard. I lost count of the number of wheelbarrows of dirt and rubbish that was carried out to the skip.

In the jungle, buried, they found a double size mattress, a motorbike which was in bits, and an armchair, and a very very long scaffolding pipe thingy. Loads and loads of toys were also found and promptly put in the skip.

Concrete stumps were dug out, and tree roots also. Old fence was removed and Adam and Bobby had a great time helping with the digging and raking.
Bobby loved having his photo taken, and kept coming asking me to show him Bobby on the camera.!! Priceless.
Luke was at his other Grandads, so wasn't there to help. We found out later that George had been ringing for someone to pick him and Luke up so they could come and help. But we didn't hear the phone.!!!

Later in the afternoon we had a bonfire and burned the chair and some of the undergrowth, and it was looking much better.

At dinner time we stopped and shared some chip butties, which I think we all thoroughly enjoyed, along with lots of cups of tea, and some beer for the men of course.

We did have to go to the local B&Q, to purchase a long handled axe, a hacksaw, and a lump hammer.

We were ready to pack up and come home by 5pm, we had arrived at 10am and everyone had worked nonstop really and were really tired and worn out.
But then Simon decided that maybe we just had time to dig out the line post, which for some reason was in the middle of the garden.
Kelly intends to have a rotary line so the line post was surplus to requirements.

"It will only take an hour" Simon said. Famous last words.

Two hours later, and after digging down more than 2 feet in thick clay soil, and probably as far across again, they finally had it out.
I have never seen such a hellava lump of concrete in my life. Just to hold up a line post. It was unbelievable.!!! Unfortunately it was so heavy they can't pick it up or get it to the skip.
I think they will have to try and break it up into smaller pieces.
That's a job for next Saturday.
Simon is also going to try and hire a cultivator for next week, which will dig it over and level it in no time at all.
It's all coming together and soon Luke and Bobby will have a nice garden to play in.
Can't wait to see it finished.
I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday, even though I didn't do anything.!!!
But I think it was because most of the family were together and I think that makes all the difference. Don't you.???
Have a great day.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Bits and Pieces.


Forgive me if this pretty tag has lost it's animation when I post this. I have tried to put animation on here before and it always loses it's movement when I post.

I have changed the background around a bit, and found I like the look of this setting much better, much more room, looks much more like my old journal. I feel much more at home.

Sadly I deleted my old AOL journal this morning. I decided to do it today as I won't be here on the 31st October and it seemed the right time for me.

The weather today looks promising. Not much wind about and it feels definitely warmer than yesterday. Gale force winds yesterday, but no rain at least.
Maybe a bit of gardening again today.

I have been quite busy this week, well me and Laura have, but we don't seem to have accomplished very much. If that makes sense.

We went to Ikea on Wednesday to buy some non-slip backing for a hallway runner which keeps sliding about under foot. It's not really safe with us carrying Grace about, and I was afraid that one of us would fall.
Anyway we came back with a floor lamp which we did need.
No, really we did.
The overhead lights in the living room are very bright at night and we did need something softer. We also came home with a few light bulbs as well.

We got half way home and then realised I had left my walking stick at the checkout.
My walking stick is a new thing for me. That's a story for another day.
It was too late to go back, so yesterday we made another trip to Ikea to collect it.
Also on Wednesday Grace had to go to the baby clinic to be weighed again. She now weighs 11lbs 14 and a half ounces. A gain of 8 ounces. I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old. Grace is so good, she hardly ever crys, but she does love attention. She loves music and voices, rattles and lights. We are definitely getting proper smiles now. We can tell the difference between windy smiles and proper ones.!!! :) She has also started to make noises, not quite gurgles, but definite vocals. Ohhhh I just love her to bits.!!!! Grace's dad is coming to stay today for the weekend, and he knows we spoil her, so we try not to do it too much. I don't think he minds to much though. Lol

Well, I guess I had better get a move on and get some work housework done and some washing.
No school today for Adam. He has already broken up for half-term. He's just got out of bed, so I'll go help him with breakfast.
Have a great Friday

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mommy, I've accidentally locked the keys in the car..........

This is not what you really want to hear is it.????
But this is exactly what I heard from Adam on Tuesday evening.
He had wanted to go out to play with his friends for an hour before tea.
He doesn't normally have time to go out, not now with it getting dark early and it being cold. Adam usually has homework to do and after that it is time for tea and a shower, then bed.
Tuesday evening I said he could have an hour, "but make sure you wear your coat." I said
This is where it all went wrong.
Adam couldn't find the said coat. Maybe it was in the car.!!!!!
He took the keys. Came back with that dreaded sentence.
I was quite calm. I didn't shout. I did wear my annoyed face though. :(
Somehow he had left the keys on the back seat and accidentally pressed the central locking button down on the inside of the door. How? I don't now.
Now you are probably thinking "She must have a spare key" Yeah!
I have.!!!
Guess where it was???
On top of Grace's buggy.
Where was the buggy.???
In the boot of the car.!!!!!!
We had a spare key cut because a few months ago when I was cleaning the inside of the car I knocked the button down while I was polishing the door.
That time we called out the RAC.
The chap came and had the door open in a matter of minutes.
I wanted to call them out again.
Not Keith.
He insisted they would charge us for calling them out for the same thing twice.
This might be true.
But I was willing to call them and ask.
Anyway Keith went up the garden with the step ladder, a straightened out metal coat hanger and a small door wedge.
It worked anyway.
It took about 45 mins.
The spare key is now in Laura's bag. Not on the buggy.!!!!
It all turned out OK in the end, and it was an accident, so I didn't stay annoyed with Adam for long.

Have a good evening everyone.


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Not much going on really.

This is The Walnut Tree. It isn't our tree. It belongs to Mrs Roberts who lives next door. She is in her 90s. I think she hates the tree as much as I do sometimes.!!!
At the moment it is dropping thousands of walnuts all over the garden.In the summer it completely blocks our view.
But in the winter we get our view back.!!!

I suppose it is useful in some ways. Obviously the birds love it. They sit it in and sing their hearts out. They nest in it. The Sparrow Hawk she uses it as a look out. The squirrel runs up and down it. So I guess I would probably miss it if it wasn't there.
Anyway not much going on here at the moment. We've had a few days of lovely cold, but sunny days. At last.!!!
Me and Laura have spent a couple of days gardening.
Laura as you can see, mowed the lawn and I did the strimming and grass collecting.

I have to say it looks much better now, although there is still much to do out there.!!!

Yesterday was spent just catching up on housework.

Boring!!! I know, but has to be done.

Adam decided to drag out his old playstation 2. So we set that up in the kitchen, and it kept us amused for a few hours. A few of his games didn't play, so maybe I will take them in to have them buffed for him.

Grace and Laura went off visiting yesterday. Grace went to see her other Nan (Rose). They both came home worn out. Grace seemed a little unsettled when she came home, but I guess that's because she doesn't see many people usually. Ade has a very large family.!!!!!

This afternoon we are going to my son Simon's house to help him with his garden. So I had better get moving.

It looks cold and windy outside today and it is silent. I can't hear one bird singing.!!!

Thank you to everyone who left comments and to new followers. I appreciate every one of you.

Thanks also to Sandra who told me to click and drag the photos, took me a while to figure it out. It's also very time consuming. I am not computer literate as you know.!!! But I guess practise makes perfect. Still wish I could get a slideshow. That is much easier.

Have a great Sunday. Hugs to everyone.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Help please.!! and the Tooth Fairy.

I have been trying to add a slide show from Photo bucket for the past hour. Can't do it.!!!
So could some one help me pleeeeeease. ???? Pretty please. How do I add pictures, tags, animations where I want them. At the moment they are just being put at the top and I want some of them in the middle. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!


On Wednesday Adam lost a tooth. I think this is the third or the fourth he's lost now. I am glad to say it was a quiet affair. He came home from school with his tooth wrapped in a tissue. All he said was "mommy my tooth came out at school". What's wrong with that you may ask.???

Let me tell you.!!

Adam was almost 12 months old before he even had his first tooth come through. We used to tell him he would be the only little boy in nursery with no teeth.!! I have to say I did start to worry a bit. Anyway once his first tooth came through the rest followed in quick succession.

So I was not surprised when he was 7 before he lost his first baby tooth.

And OMG what a performance that was. We had tears, tantrums, Adam kept us awake all night for days while that first tooth hung on for dear life. I tell you I felt like pulling it out myself.!!

Adam couldn't eat, because he kept catching it, then it would bleed, more tears. When it finally fell out we all breathed a sigh of relief.!!

Then it was "mommy I have another loose tooth. I tell you we ran for the hills.!!

The Tooth Fairy came Wednesday night and left him the obligatory £1 coin. Adam left her a note asking if she would leave his tooth. She did. She's a very kind Fairy.

Once he did try and con the Tooth Fairy and leave his tooth a second night hoping to get another £1 coin for the same tooth. The Tooth Fairy is not stupid. One tooth one £1 coin.!!!

Grace is also having trouble with her mouth this week. She has thrush on her tongue. It just looks like she has a milky tongue.

It doesn't seem to bother her at all and she is still feeding well.

Laura had some gel to rub on it for a week, but it did no good, so on Wednesday while we were at the Baby Clinic having her weighed Laura asked the Health Visitor about it. So now Laura has a syringe of goop to drop in her mouth 4 times a day.

Grace had put on 6 and a half ounces. She now weighs 11lb 6 and a half ounces.

Grace is a beautiful chunky monkey, and I am sure the smiles we are getting now are proper smiles and not just wind.!!!

I would just like to say congratulations to my daughter-in-law Gail who finally, after many tests, passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago. No more trains and buses to work for her. Good on ya Gail.!!!

Well I had better go and get some housework done or maybe even a bit of gardening. It's very cold here at the moment. Only 4*C the last couple of days. Although we have had sunny days and it gets quite pleasant by dinnertime. The sun is shining though as I speak.

Must thank everyone for their kind comments and for everyone who has added their name to my followers list. Sorry if I haven't had chance to visit you. I have been reading though, don't always have time to leave comments. Sorry. :(

Have a lovely day everyone.



Saturday, 11 October 2008

Let me introduce you to




This little scrap is my first granddaughter. (i have 3 grandsons). This is Laura and Ade's first child (and the last Laura says).

Grace took her time coming, and was born after 50 odd hours of labour. She was born around 2am in the morning.

She is not much trouble at all. I have only seen her cry once, with real tears. Usually she just whines while waiting to be fed.

Grace is just the funniest baby I have ever known. She pulls these funny faces and does things with her mouth and we just howl with laughter, then she pulls another funny face wondering what we are all laughing at.

She looks at you as if she understands every word you say. She frowns like she is saying "What you talking about now", or maybe she's saying "You needn't think you're putting me in that bath."!!!

Grace is very clever. She will very happily go to sleep cradled in your arms, BUT as soon as you put her down SHE WAKES UP. So we leave her for a bit, maybe she will settle and doze off. Then she pulls her best trick. Pretends she's choking. "Nan, Nan look I'm choking quick pick me up pick me up I can't breathe I'm gonna be sick." Yea! You guessed it. I pick her up. It works every time.!! :)

She has already grown out of some of her clothes and now weighs over 11 lb. Sorry don't now what that is in kilogrammes.

Adam who is her Uncle even though he's only 8yrs loves to hold her and shake her rattle for her. I have some lovely photos of Adam and Grace and maybe I'll try and add them another day.

Well I had better get a wiggle on. We're going shopping today. I need a shower before there's a queue for the bathroom. And there's a big tub of washing with my name on it.

It doesn't seem to bad here after all. I have to change my background, it's hard on my eyes reading what I've written.!!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and welcomes and e-mails and the offers of help. I may be knocking on your doors before to long.!! *Smiling here*

Right now where's the spell check on here.....

Ah! Got it.!!! Wow no spelling mistakes. I'm sure I'll see something as soon as I've saved it.!!! Ahhhh it marks them in yellow. Clever.

Have a great day today everyone. I hope you all have good weather.

Mind you we are on a severe weather warning today. Torrential rain and winds.

It's not doing that at the minute. Just a bit of a breeze moving the leaves of the walnut tree outside my bedroom window. And a beautiful red sky just appearing.

Take care everyone.



Thursday, 9 October 2008

Well here I am.

Well here I am. What on earth am I doing here.!!! I was happy where I was. Damn AOHell!!!
It's quite hard to figure things out here.
I don't know what I'm doing.
It's taken me 45 mins to alter my layout. And now I don't know if I like it.!!!!
Haven't got time now to add any pictures.
I'm just glad I'm able to keep track of everyone who has migrated here. I've also found new friends. How cool is that!!!
At least I managed to transfer my old journal. It didn't take long because I didn't have that much. It didn't go quite to plan because now I have 2 journals with the same name. But at least it's here with me.!!! Oh no!! What's it doing now.!! It won't let me start a new line.
Oh!!! It's done it now. OK I'm rambling. Need to get a move on. Maybe later today or tomorrow I want to introduce you to a new member of our family. :)
See you soon. Hugs Carolxx