Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Guess What!!!!!!

It snowed.! Here.! Yes.! Here.! It never snows here.! Even when it snows all over the world, it never snows here.! But today it snowed here.! Yes.! Here.! Oh, it was a happy day for me today. Have I ever told you I love snow.!! Well, I love snow. Ever since I was a child I have loved snow, and it has never lost it's attraction for me, even though I am now grown. Well, just a bit grown, I guess.

Yes.! That is my washing blowing on the line in the snow. I didn't bother to fetch it in. No point. It was dark when I finally fetched it in, and I have just finished re-washing it.

We drove over to Simon's again today, and it was a beautiful drive. Everywhere is so pretty at the moment with all the leaves on the footpaths, and the trees with their beautifully coloured leaves, bright golden oranges and golds and browns and still some green. Some trees with just a few leaves still hanging on, some quite bare. I wish I had some photos, I am hopeless at describing.!!! But it was so lovely.

Last week while it has been quite nice weather, sunny and dry, the farmers have been very busy fetching in the hay and straw, potatoes, wheat and corn. They were working well into the night. In the field behind our house, there were potatoes this year. But now its been ploughed and maybe even planted now.

With the weather turning colder, we thought we had better get some logs for the fire. We had completely run out. It took us a while to find anyone who had any, because the weather had been so wet, no one had any ready to sell. Next time we will remember to get some earlier in the year.We had to have the chimney swept. The man who does it for us is local, and doesn't make too much mess. This year we only had a carrier bag full of soot.I wish we had one of those large fireplaces, where they are big enough to sit in. How cool would that be. But I guess I'm quite happy with our small one, especially after what happened to Adam a while ago.!! :(

Oh well, I've rambled on long enough. It's half eleven and I have to be up at 5am.

Grace is due at the baby clinic again tomorrow to be weighed. She still has thrush on her tongue, although it does look much better, but it is taking a very long time to clear up, and she has had an awful lot of medicine for it which can't be good for her. She's 6 weeks old tomorrow.!! How time flies.

We are also going away tomorrow for a few day, well till Sunday anyway. We are going to Wales, not too far for us. Simon is coming over to feed the cats for me. :)

So I will wish you a Happy Halloween. Hope you have lots of sweeties ready for trick or treating. We bought Adam a suit to wear, a devil, (will suit him down to the ground. OK, OK , I was only joking.!!! Maybe!!! ) just in case they have a party at the caravan park. Laura bought a suit for Grace. She is going as a pumpkin!!!

Sadly I will be away when the journals finally close down. Sad times.!!

I am going to take my laptop with me, so hopefully I may be able to get it to work while I am away.

So I wish you a goodnight. I am done. Bed is calling me.

Oh, one other thing. Did I mentioned it snowed today.! Yes! Here!