Thursday, 6 November 2008

Back to normality......whatever that is!!

Well I've been back for 4 days.

Had a really nice break.

Haven't done much this week except for catching up with the washing and housework.

Yesterday (Wednesday) me and Laura went to town to do a bit of shopping.

We needed a new spark guard for the fire, because the wood we bought is still wet and spits like I don't know what.

Anyway we got one and did a bit of Christmas shopping at the same time.

Can't really say what I bought because my family read this and I don't want them to know who I have bought for!!!

I can say that I bought Christmas cards, and we have already bought wrapping paper and tags.

On Monday I had to go to the doctors about my knee.

At the beginning of July I stepped down off a step, not realising it was a deep step and did something to my knee.

It swelled like a football and the pain was unbelievable.

At the time I was at the caravan on my own, with no car.

I had to ring for Keith to come fetch me, which he did, along with Laura and Adam.

It took him a long time, because our car broke down.

So he had to call Simon who came to the house and then Keith had to drive him home, and then come pick me up.

Anyway I ended up in A&E. My knee was x-rayed, but nothing showed up.

The doctor there said it could be cartilage problem or maybe arthritis, or even maybe a displaced knee cap. It hurts like Hell, so it could be all 3. lol

I was told to rest it. Yeah, right. Like I could do that.!! Put ice on it.

And come back to the hospital in a week.

Which I did, and it was a bit better, at least I could put my weight on it.

They sent me to physiotherapy, and they gave me some exercises to do. They help. But some days I can barely walk. Some days it's not too bad. Go figure.!!!

Anyway on Monday I went back to my own doctor to see what he thought.

He thinks it may take longer for it to settle back down. He didn't think it was a good idea for them to go poking around inside my knee at the moment. He gave me some pain killers and told me to come back after New year if it was still no better.

So some days I have to use my walking stick and some days I do not.

Yesterday I walked all round town with my stick without too much trouble. Today it hurts. Maybe too much walking, but I enjoyed it while it lasted.!!!

Last night was Bonfire Night. (Clapping and doing a little jig).

I am such a kid.

While we were in town we bought a couple packets of fireworks and Sparklers. I love sparklers.

We stood out in the back garden for over 2 hours, in the freezing cold, watching our little fireworks.

But I think we all enjoyed it, especially the fish and chips. Yummy!!!

I know many people won't be celebrating until the weekend. So I hope you all have a good time if you're going to a party.

But please take care. We don't want any accidents.

We won't be here. Heading to Wales again tomorrow, for the weekend. It's party time for us. The end of season party at the caravan park. Yeah!!! Not!!!

Hope you all had a great Halloween. Ours wasn't too bad.

I've got photos from our holiday, but it takes so long to put them on here, I'll maybe do that later today.

The other day Adam managed to shut the car keys in the car, do you remember??? And the spare key was in the buggy which was also in the car. Remember???

Well, when we got back on Sunday from Wales, Keith couldn't find his coat. I thought maybe he had left it there as we left quite a bit there knowing we were going back this weekend.

But "No" Keith said, it had his keys in the pocket and he needed them for work.

Eventually Laura found it and there on Keith's set of keys was another spare key for the car.!!!! He had forgotten he had had 2 spare keys cut. Can you believe that!!!

What did he say when we pointed this out to him!!!

"Oh, I wondered what that key was". Give me strength.!!!
We love him really!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day.