Saturday, 11 October 2008

Let me introduce you to




This little scrap is my first granddaughter. (i have 3 grandsons). This is Laura and Ade's first child (and the last Laura says).

Grace took her time coming, and was born after 50 odd hours of labour. She was born around 2am in the morning.

She is not much trouble at all. I have only seen her cry once, with real tears. Usually she just whines while waiting to be fed.

Grace is just the funniest baby I have ever known. She pulls these funny faces and does things with her mouth and we just howl with laughter, then she pulls another funny face wondering what we are all laughing at.

She looks at you as if she understands every word you say. She frowns like she is saying "What you talking about now", or maybe she's saying "You needn't think you're putting me in that bath."!!!

Grace is very clever. She will very happily go to sleep cradled in your arms, BUT as soon as you put her down SHE WAKES UP. So we leave her for a bit, maybe she will settle and doze off. Then she pulls her best trick. Pretends she's choking. "Nan, Nan look I'm choking quick pick me up pick me up I can't breathe I'm gonna be sick." Yea! You guessed it. I pick her up. It works every time.!! :)

She has already grown out of some of her clothes and now weighs over 11 lb. Sorry don't now what that is in kilogrammes.

Adam who is her Uncle even though he's only 8yrs loves to hold her and shake her rattle for her. I have some lovely photos of Adam and Grace and maybe I'll try and add them another day.

Well I had better get a wiggle on. We're going shopping today. I need a shower before there's a queue for the bathroom. And there's a big tub of washing with my name on it.

It doesn't seem to bad here after all. I have to change my background, it's hard on my eyes reading what I've written.!!!

I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and welcomes and e-mails and the offers of help. I may be knocking on your doors before to long.!! *Smiling here*

Right now where's the spell check on here.....

Ah! Got it.!!! Wow no spelling mistakes. I'm sure I'll see something as soon as I've saved it.!!! Ahhhh it marks them in yellow. Clever.

Have a great day today everyone. I hope you all have good weather.

Mind you we are on a severe weather warning today. Torrential rain and winds.

It's not doing that at the minute. Just a bit of a breeze moving the leaves of the walnut tree outside my bedroom window. And a beautiful red sky just appearing.

Take care everyone.