Friday, 24 October 2008

Bits and Pieces.


Forgive me if this pretty tag has lost it's animation when I post this. I have tried to put animation on here before and it always loses it's movement when I post.

I have changed the background around a bit, and found I like the look of this setting much better, much more room, looks much more like my old journal. I feel much more at home.

Sadly I deleted my old AOL journal this morning. I decided to do it today as I won't be here on the 31st October and it seemed the right time for me.

The weather today looks promising. Not much wind about and it feels definitely warmer than yesterday. Gale force winds yesterday, but no rain at least.
Maybe a bit of gardening again today.

I have been quite busy this week, well me and Laura have, but we don't seem to have accomplished very much. If that makes sense.

We went to Ikea on Wednesday to buy some non-slip backing for a hallway runner which keeps sliding about under foot. It's not really safe with us carrying Grace about, and I was afraid that one of us would fall.
Anyway we came back with a floor lamp which we did need.
No, really we did.
The overhead lights in the living room are very bright at night and we did need something softer. We also came home with a few light bulbs as well.

We got half way home and then realised I had left my walking stick at the checkout.
My walking stick is a new thing for me. That's a story for another day.
It was too late to go back, so yesterday we made another trip to Ikea to collect it.
Also on Wednesday Grace had to go to the baby clinic to be weighed again. She now weighs 11lbs 14 and a half ounces. A gain of 8 ounces. I can't believe she is already 5 weeks old. Grace is so good, she hardly ever crys, but she does love attention. She loves music and voices, rattles and lights. We are definitely getting proper smiles now. We can tell the difference between windy smiles and proper ones.!!! :) She has also started to make noises, not quite gurgles, but definite vocals. Ohhhh I just love her to bits.!!!! Grace's dad is coming to stay today for the weekend, and he knows we spoil her, so we try not to do it too much. I don't think he minds to much though. Lol

Well, I guess I had better get a move on and get some work housework done and some washing.
No school today for Adam. He has already broken up for half-term. He's just got out of bed, so I'll go help him with breakfast.
Have a great Friday