Sunday, 19 October 2008

Not much going on really.

This is The Walnut Tree. It isn't our tree. It belongs to Mrs Roberts who lives next door. She is in her 90s. I think she hates the tree as much as I do sometimes.!!!
At the moment it is dropping thousands of walnuts all over the garden.In the summer it completely blocks our view.
But in the winter we get our view back.!!!

I suppose it is useful in some ways. Obviously the birds love it. They sit it in and sing their hearts out. They nest in it. The Sparrow Hawk she uses it as a look out. The squirrel runs up and down it. So I guess I would probably miss it if it wasn't there.
Anyway not much going on here at the moment. We've had a few days of lovely cold, but sunny days. At last.!!!
Me and Laura have spent a couple of days gardening.
Laura as you can see, mowed the lawn and I did the strimming and grass collecting.

I have to say it looks much better now, although there is still much to do out there.!!!

Yesterday was spent just catching up on housework.

Boring!!! I know, but has to be done.

Adam decided to drag out his old playstation 2. So we set that up in the kitchen, and it kept us amused for a few hours. A few of his games didn't play, so maybe I will take them in to have them buffed for him.

Grace and Laura went off visiting yesterday. Grace went to see her other Nan (Rose). They both came home worn out. Grace seemed a little unsettled when she came home, but I guess that's because she doesn't see many people usually. Ade has a very large family.!!!!!

This afternoon we are going to my son Simon's house to help him with his garden. So I had better get moving.

It looks cold and windy outside today and it is silent. I can't hear one bird singing.!!!

Thank you to everyone who left comments and to new followers. I appreciate every one of you.

Thanks also to Sandra who told me to click and drag the photos, took me a while to figure it out. It's also very time consuming. I am not computer literate as you know.!!! But I guess practise makes perfect. Still wish I could get a slideshow. That is much easier.

Have a great Sunday. Hugs to everyone.