Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mommy, I've accidentally locked the keys in the car..........

This is not what you really want to hear is it.????
But this is exactly what I heard from Adam on Tuesday evening.
He had wanted to go out to play with his friends for an hour before tea.
He doesn't normally have time to go out, not now with it getting dark early and it being cold. Adam usually has homework to do and after that it is time for tea and a shower, then bed.
Tuesday evening I said he could have an hour, "but make sure you wear your coat." I said
This is where it all went wrong.
Adam couldn't find the said coat. Maybe it was in the car.!!!!!
He took the keys. Came back with that dreaded sentence.
I was quite calm. I didn't shout. I did wear my annoyed face though. :(
Somehow he had left the keys on the back seat and accidentally pressed the central locking button down on the inside of the door. How? I don't now.
Now you are probably thinking "She must have a spare key" Yeah!
I have.!!!
Guess where it was???
On top of Grace's buggy.
Where was the buggy.???
In the boot of the car.!!!!!!
We had a spare key cut because a few months ago when I was cleaning the inside of the car I knocked the button down while I was polishing the door.
That time we called out the RAC.
The chap came and had the door open in a matter of minutes.
I wanted to call them out again.
Not Keith.
He insisted they would charge us for calling them out for the same thing twice.
This might be true.
But I was willing to call them and ask.
Anyway Keith went up the garden with the step ladder, a straightened out metal coat hanger and a small door wedge.
It worked anyway.
It took about 45 mins.
The spare key is now in Laura's bag. Not on the buggy.!!!!
It all turned out OK in the end, and it was an accident, so I didn't stay annoyed with Adam for long.

Have a good evening everyone.