Friday, 17 October 2008

Help please.!! and the Tooth Fairy.

I have been trying to add a slide show from Photo bucket for the past hour. Can't do it.!!!
So could some one help me pleeeeeease. ???? Pretty please. How do I add pictures, tags, animations where I want them. At the moment they are just being put at the top and I want some of them in the middle. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!


On Wednesday Adam lost a tooth. I think this is the third or the fourth he's lost now. I am glad to say it was a quiet affair. He came home from school with his tooth wrapped in a tissue. All he said was "mommy my tooth came out at school". What's wrong with that you may ask.???

Let me tell you.!!

Adam was almost 12 months old before he even had his first tooth come through. We used to tell him he would be the only little boy in nursery with no teeth.!! I have to say I did start to worry a bit. Anyway once his first tooth came through the rest followed in quick succession.

So I was not surprised when he was 7 before he lost his first baby tooth.

And OMG what a performance that was. We had tears, tantrums, Adam kept us awake all night for days while that first tooth hung on for dear life. I tell you I felt like pulling it out myself.!!

Adam couldn't eat, because he kept catching it, then it would bleed, more tears. When it finally fell out we all breathed a sigh of relief.!!

Then it was "mommy I have another loose tooth. I tell you we ran for the hills.!!

The Tooth Fairy came Wednesday night and left him the obligatory £1 coin. Adam left her a note asking if she would leave his tooth. She did. She's a very kind Fairy.

Once he did try and con the Tooth Fairy and leave his tooth a second night hoping to get another £1 coin for the same tooth. The Tooth Fairy is not stupid. One tooth one £1 coin.!!!

Grace is also having trouble with her mouth this week. She has thrush on her tongue. It just looks like she has a milky tongue.

It doesn't seem to bother her at all and she is still feeding well.

Laura had some gel to rub on it for a week, but it did no good, so on Wednesday while we were at the Baby Clinic having her weighed Laura asked the Health Visitor about it. So now Laura has a syringe of goop to drop in her mouth 4 times a day.

Grace had put on 6 and a half ounces. She now weighs 11lb 6 and a half ounces.

Grace is a beautiful chunky monkey, and I am sure the smiles we are getting now are proper smiles and not just wind.!!!

I would just like to say congratulations to my daughter-in-law Gail who finally, after many tests, passed her driving test a couple of weeks ago. No more trains and buses to work for her. Good on ya Gail.!!!

Well I had better go and get some housework done or maybe even a bit of gardening. It's very cold here at the moment. Only 4*C the last couple of days. Although we have had sunny days and it gets quite pleasant by dinnertime. The sun is shining though as I speak.

Must thank everyone for their kind comments and for everyone who has added their name to my followers list. Sorry if I haven't had chance to visit you. I have been reading though, don't always have time to leave comments. Sorry. :(

Have a lovely day everyone.




  1. Hi Carol, download your photos/graphics as usual, then drag and drop them wherever you want them. :o)

    Love Sandra xxxx

  2. Hope you received some help!

  3. hope you got if figured out...I have yet to ever do a slide show of any kind...I need to try sometime...wishing you a good weekend..Hugs,TerryAnn

  4. I don't know how to add a slideshow but I remember reading someone's blog this week who finally got hers to work. I think it was Beth at Nutwood Junction:
    I'm glad the drama was missing this time when the tooth came out. lol And I'm glad the tooth fairy let him keep it! Hope that thrush clears up soon. My son had thrush when he was a baby. Take care!


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